Web Design Trends to Keep in Mind for 2021

Having a website for your business is an important part of staying competitive in your industry, but it isn’t enough to simply design a website and expect that to keep you relevant for a long period of time. Web design and digital marketing, including SEO, should be an ongoing process. We’ll pinpoint some of the web design trends you should know. Staying on top of how websites are changing will help you attract more consumers.

Focus On Mobile Design And Responsiveness

One of the most important things you can do for your web presence is making your website mobile friendly. Smartphones and tablets are only becoming more widely used, and many people are using their mobile device as their primary means of browsing the internet. If your site is not already built with mobile in mind, you need to make that a priority going into the new year.

Keep It Simple And On Brand

A lot of businesses don’t adhere to the idea that “less is more” when it comes to designing their website, especially when they try to do it themselves. You want to make sure all the important consumer information is visible and easy to find, without too much unnecessary content in the way. Also, use colors that compliment each other and aren’t visually aggressive. A nice aesthetic will keep people on your site longer than a bland looking site.

Flat Design Is In

Flat design, an aesthetic style that favors simple, clean, minimalist 2D designs over flashy 3D effects, is one of the biggest recent shifts in web design. Minimalism is in and usability is absolutely a priority, especially for people browsing your site on a mobile device. It doesn’t matter if people find your site through Google if they leave because it’s confusing and hard to navigate.

If you are considering a web design project in the new year, be sure to keep these web design trends in mind. They will give you a leg up in the digital marketing world and put you a step above the competition. Contact JSMT Media to learn more.

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